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AI and Machine Learning Changing Health Care

AI and Machine Learning Changing Health CareMany believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has and will continue to greatly impact the healthcare industry. The heath care sector manages a lot of medical data (patient data, insurance information, billing data, and research) and this information is on old software and infrastructure that is not typically connected and does not have the ability to speak with one other.

Think about the last time you called your insurance company or doctor for something and how much effort it took to find or resolve your issue. You get close, but then find out you need to be transferred to a different department, and then onto yet another department, and on and on.

So, what is AI and machine learning? AI or artificial intelligence is the development of a computer system to solve a dedicated problem or task that normally a person or human intelligence would solve. These intelligence machines are programmed to copy human action and rational thought. Machine learning is a subset of AI. Machine learning is based on the premises that, without programing (code), a machine has the ability to learn from the data. These systems can learn from the data, identify patterns, and also make decisions with little human interaction.

AI and machine learning looks to impact the industry with the potential to improve predicted outcomes and physician performances. In addition to improved outcomes, the goal is to increase efficiency in developing and delivering treatments, find new cures and uses for existing drugs, and improve the quality of life of medical professionals and their patients. The key to all this success is the data. AI and machine language will require large quantities of high-quality data that is curated in order to enhance all sectors of the health care industry.

Examples of AI and machine learning in use today:

We are still a long way off from replacing our trained nurses and doctors, but digital health care has a universal appeal with consumers demanding immediate assistance, remote services, and convenience. The technology is changing rapidly and more health care related businesses are looking into how AI and machine learning can improve their efficiency, services, and patient experience. Still, a lot of doctors and patients are slow to adapt, mostly from fear of the unknown. However, some medical professionals are now starting to see the many advantages including freeing up their time so they can focus more on human care for their patients. Only time will tell how AI and machine learning will impact you and your health care.

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