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Cancer Misdiagnosis

Cancer MisdiagnosisWhen a person has cancer, no one can predict the outcome. Still, we have come a long way towards improving survival rates because of significant medical progress. In many cases, patients are living longer or even being cured due in large part to earlier detection, accurate diagnosis, and prompt treatment. This early diagnosis and prompt and accurate treatment can be lifesaving.

Failure to diagnosis or misdiagnosis of cancer reduces a patient’s chance to survive and can lead to a medical malpractice claim. A missed diagnosis can mean the patient was not properly diagnosed and therefore not provided with the necessary surgery, treatment or medication needed to successfully address the cancer. As a result, the patient’s cancer and condition can worsened and, in some instances, lead to death.

It is known by medical professionals, including the American Cancer Society, that cancer prevention and early detection are key to increasing one’s chance of survival. Many cancers now have early screening tests like mammograms, PSA tests, and colonoscopies. When these tests are not done, improperly performed or even interpreted incorrectly, patients do not receive the needed care required and their lives could be at risk.

Delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis can happen in many types of cancer including breast cancer, cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer and other forms of cancer. Common causes of delayed or misdiagnosed cancer can occur when a medical professional fails to complete a physical examination, fails to take a complete health history of the patient, fails to perform or conduct diagnostic testing, misinterprets test results, fails to recommend proper screening tests, lab work or blood testing, fails to refer the patient to a specialist, fails to follow up with a patient after a treatment or appointment, or ignores a patient’s request for testing.

Unfortunately, failing to diagnose cancer can lead to premature death, inoperable cancer, severe pain, permanent disability, and more. Also, a false or misdiagnosis of cancer can lead to unnecessary treatments including radiation, chemotherapy, amputations, and even unneeded mastectomies.

Although a doctor’s failure doesn’t automatically mean they committed malpractice, all doctors have a duty of reasonable care toward their patients. If a physician, hospital or nursing home failed to make a timely diagnosis or misdiagnosed your cancer you may have a potential claim of medical malpractice.

Attorney Tami Wolfe knows these cases are highly complex. She has the experience and has successfully litigated medical malpractice claims. She represents clients throughout South Florida including Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Weston and Sunrise.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or death due to a cancer misdiagnosis or failed cancer diagnosis,  contact Trial Attorney Tami Wolfe online or call her at (954) 791-0477 for a FREE consultation.

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