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Deeds are legal documents that transfer the ownership of an asset (such as property and real estate) from one person to another; however, there are different types of property deeds for different situations and circumstances. A deed will contain, among other information, the names of the new and old owners along with a legal description of the property and will be signed by the person transferring the property.

Examples of some of the deeds that KALIS, KLEIMAN & WOLFE handle include:

  • Regular purchase & sale deeds
  • Spousal transfer deeds
  • Deeds pursuant to separation & divorce
  • Gift Deeds
  • Grant Deeds
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Short-Sale Deeds
  • Joint tenancy deeds
  • Tax Deeds
  • Special warranty deeds
  • General warranty deeds
  • Life Estate or "Lady Bird" Deeds

A knowledgeable real estate attorney can and should review the deed to ensure that it is accurate, properly executed, and that your rights are protected. Choosing and executing the right deed for your specific situation is very important, since there are many forms of deeds to choose from. Individuals, families, businesses, buyers, sellers, grantors and grantees do not want to end up losing the property because a court determines your actions to be fraudulent or improper.

If you are seeking to transfer a title, add or remove a person’s name from your real property title, gift your property to a loved one, avoid probate, or place your property into a trust, contact the attorneys at KALIS, KLEIMAN & WOLFE. We focus on preparing the right deed for your specific situation to ensure that all the required elements that must be contained within the deed are in place, in order for it to be legally operative.

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