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Inadequate and Negligent Security Attorneys

Security cameraNegligent security or inadequate security is a form of premises liability. Claims occur when an individual is injured, victimized or attacked by a third party on another’s property

In some cases, negligent or inadequate security incidents are preventable. Inadequate security can lead to attacks, assaults, kidnapping, robbery, rape, sexual assault, shooting, and death. Some involve the use of knives, guns or other weapons which could end in serious injury or a wrongful death.

Property owners, including businesses and landlords, have a legal duty to protect or warn people on their property from foreseeable criminal attacks, injury, and harm, and if they fail to adequately secure the premises, they can be held civilly liable. That means if property owners have knowledge of any crime or risks on their property, they have a responsibility or duty to take necessary measures to prevent those incidents from occurring on the property.

Incidents can occur in a business, at bars and restaurants, convenience stores, schools and colleges, hotels and motels, on cruiseships, at ATMs, in parking lots, in elevators, in stairwells, at shopping centers, convenience stores, movie theaters, sporting events, concerts, in theme parks, at community and private pools, day care centers, hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, at apartment complexes and in the workplace.

In many cases property oversight, training and supervision can help prevent these crimes – whether installing adequate lighting, adding parking lot surveillance, hiring security guards, installing security cameras, providing better screening, background checks, and hiring practices of employees, screening of property visitors, installing locks, providing or fixing broken doors, window locks, fencing or gates, instituting safety and maintenance policies and procedures, and providing employee training.

Negligent security and inadequate security cases are often complex and need the assistance of an experienced trial attorney and hired experts. Proving negligence involves a lot of investigation of all aspects of the incident which can include the third party committing the crime, property owners, and those that provide security like security guards, bouncers or doorman and pulling a crime grid of the property itself.

Florida Premises Liability Attorney Tami Wolfe has more than 25 years of experience litigating negligent security and premises liability cases. Tami is dedicated to helping her clients and victims receive the compensation and justice they deserve. Additionally, she wants to help make sure that these incidents do not happen to another person by having the at-fault party, fix their issues so as to protect their future guests, visitors and the public. Tami represents clients throughout South Florida including Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Weston and Sunrise.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or death as a result of inadequate security, contact Trial Attorney Tami Wolfe online or call her at (954) 791-0477 for a FREE consultation.

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