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Fraud Litigation

The Commercial Litigation Attorneys at KALIS, KLEIMAN & WOLFE regularly represent consumers, businesses professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporations and commercial entities that are involved in litigation relating to business fraud. Business fraud is a deceitful business activity that can cause economic injury to another.

Our business lawyers understand business fraud can have a detrimental impact on the reputation, profitability and financial stability of your business. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in 2012 , a typical organization loses 5% of its revenues to fraud each year and if applied to 2011 Gross World Product, that would translate to a projected global fraud loss of more than $3.5 trillion.

Some of the commercial and corporate fraud litigation matters that our business attorneys handle include:

Unfortunately, business and consumer fraud is very common in our society. If you suspect that you or your business has been the victim of fraud or deceptive trade practices or has been accused of fraud or deceptive trade practices or other business tort matter, or if you have questions regarding your legal rights, contact the experienced Commercial Litigation Attorneys at KALIS, KLEIMAN & WOLFE, the South Florida-based law firm today at (954) 791-0477.

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